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JBS Farms – Brazil Shoot

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I went on assignment to Brazil to document the JBS farms that are providing sustainable agriculture and cattle farming across the country. The videos showcased JBS’s sustainability programme, the work they do in Biofuels as well as the ‘Germinare Institute’ which is a non-profit organisation providing free private education to children in Sao Paulo. 

Smoothie Video from home!

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During this global lockdown, much like others, we’ve been doing nothing but cooking and making Smoothies. In my opinion, Boosting your immune system is one of the best things we can do during this outbreak. I wanted to make a video showing us make Banana, Strawberry and Spinach smoothie. Great immune system + Energy booster.

Food Commercial from home!

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Filming a food commercial from home. Shot completely hand held! Making Turkish Sujuk Slices. Using this time to keep creative and keep filming even if I can’t travel at the moment. You don’t need fancy equipment. You can create amazing videos with just your hands and things around the room.

Resilience – Pepperwood preserve

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This 3,200 acre of protected land was hugely affected by the the Tubbs Fire in 2017. However, nature and people are resilient.

Filmed by Oz Koca
Music: Retreat_Gold_Coast_Instrumental by Soundstripe

Porsche x Splashlight Video

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Published in Porsche GT Magazine. Photoshoot for Splashlight and Porsche at the Monte-Carlo Historique Rally 2019 with a beautiful ‘1975 Porsche 911 Carrera RS’. Taken in amazing locations in the South of France.

‘Dark is the Sea’ – Book trailer

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Video trailer credits:
Rowan: Saskia Gregson-Williams (
Director, Camera, Editor: Oz Koca (

Dark is the Sea – a novel, by Heather Blanchard

Haunted by her mother’s disappearance and plagued by nightmares, eighteen year old Rowan Munro abandons London for Dorchay, the remote Scottish village where she spent her childhood. With the help of her eccentric aunt and a familiar face from her past, she unlocks a power in her that is at once terrifying yet curiously addictive.

As she uncovers the deeply buried secrets of her family, she awakens something only imaginable in her worst nightmares: The Hunter; a fierce, malevolent force – centuries old – intent on killing Rowan and those closest to her. Now Rowan will have to harness the magic she has inherited in order to survive.

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Finca Tanzania – Rupert’s Journey

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Curious to know what happens when you give $100 grant to a severely poor, blind mother in Tanzania?

I was commissioned to Direct and film this video piece on Rupert Scofield’s journey to Tanzania, where he visited some of his Finca Clients and also visited some ‘ultra poor’ families, who have been given $100 grants to help them start a business and get back on there feet.

Rupert Scofield is the Co-founder and CEO of the ‘FINCA Micro-finance Network’. A Multi-Billion dollar organisation that helps the world’s poorest people get out of poverty through their Village banking and Micro-Financing system.

Finca’s website:

Rupert’s Blog: