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Turkiye – Drone DJI Mini 3 Pro

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DJI Mini 3 Pro footage from Turkiye. This drone is amazing. Amazing quality footage from such a small drone! Visited the villages and locations where my family are from. The locations are all in North Türkiye. Karadeniz. Samsun, Kastamonu, Cide, Terme, Kavak.

Lord Norman Foster – Future Planet Capital

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In November 2022, Future Planet Capital hosted a roundtable to discuss whether renewables alone could get us to net zero by 2050 or if new nuclear technology is needed to fill the gap. In this video we hear from Future Planet Capital’s Advisory Board Chair, Lord Norman Foster, Douglas Hansen-Luke, Executive Chairman of Future Planet Capital, Professor Malcolm Morley of Anglia Ruskin University, and Wen-Yu Weng, Principal Consultant of Energy and Utilities Practice at PA Consulting, who explore whether renewables can get us all the way to net zero.

JBS Farms – Brazil Shoot

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I went on assignment to Brazil to document the JBS farms that are providing sustainable agriculture and cattle farming across the country. The videos showcased JBS’s sustainability programme, the work they do in Biofuels as well as the ‘Germinare Institute’ which is a non-profit organisation providing free private education to children in Sao Paulo.