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Zapp – Fran Kirby Photoshoot

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Floe – Product Photography

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Paul Wedgewood – Featured in Forbes Magazine

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Paul Wedgwood was born in June 1970. Wedgwood started his career in the early 1990s as a network engineer attending major clients such as the Home Office and 10 Downing Street.[2] However he first joined the games industry in 1999 when he became infrastructure manager for BarrysWorld a multiplayer gaming website and ISP. During this time he spent much of his time working as a presenter and commentator on an videogame TV show broadcasting to Australasia, called Lock ‘n Load. [3]

Alongside Barrysworld, Wedgwood worked as part of an amateur development team under his online alias ‘Locki’ on a modification of the game Quake III Arena entitled Q3F. A number of these core members later went on to form the video game developer Splash Damage in May 2001.

Since founding Splash Damage, Wedgwood has been credited on a number of games [4] including Wolfenstein: Enemy TerritoryDoom 3Quake Wars and Brink.

In July 2016, the sale of British games developer Splash Damage to Leyou was announced, for up to $150 million by Wedgwood, its sole owner, co-founder and chief executive.[5]

By then end of 2018, he officially stepped down as CEO of Splash Damage. Richard Jolly has been appointed as new CEO.[1] Subsequently, Wedgwood and other former Splash Damage members formed Supernova Capital in 2018, an investment firm. Supernova made its first acquisition in March 2019 with the studio

Northern Data – Boden, Sweden Site

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James Reed –

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